Our Beliefs

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Farm + Vine is a natural food restaurant that makes it easy for people to eat better. We start with wholesome ingredients in their natural state that are prepared and customized into delicious and flavorful meals. We’ve created a casual atmosphere for busy people that uses technology to put them in control of their dining experience. Our products are determined by our values, which guide our decision-making. We are a partner in the community working to make it a better place. We are a company that balances the needs of our employees and customers with those of the environment and the farmers who grow our food. We are guided by four pillars that ground us as we work to make it easy for people to eat better.

Product: We believe Hippocrates from 400 BC: Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food. Food nourishes, sustains, repairs, and heals. All people deserve access to a variety of seasonal, fresh and healthy food ingredients. Our expertise is combining these into a meal that can be as enjoyable as it is satisfying and nutritious.

People: Communities are stronger when people have meaningful work that includes company-sponsored health insurance. We believe that excellent customer service begins with satisfied and engaged employees.

Partners: Our growers and suppliers take great care to provide us with their naturally grown bounty. We accept food in its most natural state, and do not allow unnatural food such as those that have been genetically modified. Further, there are no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, microwaves, can openers, or freezers at Farm + Vine.

Planet: Leave No Trace is an anthem to those who love, use, and support the outdoors. We believe that all organizations must follow this creed in their business practices. Its the most important gift we can leave to our children, and theirs.