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It’s a fact; life is busy. That’s why we created Farm + Vine. It’s a natural food restaurant for take out, and a dine-in restaurant and gathering space for the community. The restaurant room has a casual ambiance, where the overall experience will be like casual dining, but without the time and expense of table service. In short, it’s a new category of food service, between limited service and table service, combining the best of each.

Farm + Vine uses technology to put you in control and save you time. There are no servers at F+V, but the dining room is designed for social dining, where friends and family can gather to strengthen bonds and create memories. Craft beer and wine are available, and customers are allowed to self-pour, in any amount they choose.

Food orders are placed on a touchscreen, with the help of an Ambassador, where you can see your options and customize your order. Or you can order on your phone, whether you are in the restaurant or not. This allows you to order at any time, from anywhere, and pick it up on your schedule, for take out or dine in.

Finding value is more important now than ever before. Farm + Vine uses technology to save time, reduce friction, and make lives easier without sacrificing the wholesome ingredients we strive to put into our bodies. Now that’s value.