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Our menu is inspired by the street food of Asia and Mexico.

We keep it simple. Start with seasonal food from the farm, combine with global spices and healthy oils, use fire and smoke to add taste + flavor, prepare in a scratch kitchen, and deliver in bowls and tacos. That’s Farm + Vine’s secret to creating flavorful meals that are convenient and satisfying.

Farm + Vine is a scratch kitchen, so there are no freezers, microwaves, or can openers. We operate according to Farm to Table principles, which is a social movement that promotes the use of locally sourced ingredients and identifies the farms of origin. Advantages include support for local farmers, fresher ingredients, smaller carbon footprint, and responsible farming practices. We reject the practices of confined feeding operations, we will not use genetically modified organisms, and we do not permit the use of hormones or antibiotics merely for faster growth. We embrace free-range animal husbandry and organic, local farming.

Consistent with the belief that customers want convenience and simplicity, the scratch menu is short and focused, allowing the chefs to do a few things very well. There are only two types of deliverables (bowls and tacos) and three menu categories, (California stir-fry, tacos, and salads). Differentiated cooking techniques provide a competitive advantage. All protein is roasted in a smoker oven to deliver a flavor profile that connects with the ancestral self, but is not common. Because the protein is slow-roasted over night, the creation of the bowls and tacos can happen in minutes.

Stir-fry is another differentiated cooking technique that has broad appeal but is not common. The wok range is positioned in a visible and prominent position, where customers can watch as stir-fry bowls are created in minutes. Organic coconut oil is an example of a stable oil that’s ideal for stir-frying, and will be put in use.

Tacos are at their best when the tortilla is made on site, every day, to deliver the innate satisfaction that comes from freshness. When prepared with smoked protein and house made salsas, our tacos deliver a flavor to make them crave worthy.