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Do you want to eat better? Of course, that’s how Farm + Vine began, with a simple goal to make it easy for people to eat better. Everyday, at every meal, we get a chance for a fresh start. We believe that what’s on your plate matters, and that food is best when it’s simple, fresh, and as natural as nature. But life is busy, compromises happen, and we don’t always eat as well as we want. So F+V was conceived with a dual purpose: to create a new service model that delivers value, saves time, and makes people’s lives easier. And to offer a menu, short and focused, filled with flavor and menu items that people crave and is better for you. From ingredients that are wholesome and natural, with protein that is sourced in Minnesota, from mindful growers who embrace farm to table and balance the needs of the environment, their community, and the people in it.

Consumers want to save time and be in control, so there are no table servers. Instead, Farm + Vine uses touchscreen technology to allow customers to place their food orders and self-pour their wine and craft beer. This speeds service, assures accuracy, and invites customers to place their order in advance, from their home or office, or from their car or a city park. They can order on their phone, or any computer, and choose what time they want their food, and whether it’s for take out or dine in.  That is the essence of the F+V service model, enabled by technology, where you are in control of what you eat, when, and where.

The dining and buying experience at Farm + Vine strives to make people’s lives easier by delivering a convenient